The “testicular dysgenesis syndrome” (TDS) hypothesis

Endocrine disruption: fact or urban legend? 2013


“A current hypothesis has suggested that, in modern industrial societies, human male fertility is declining, whereas the incidence of diseases or birth defects of the male reproductive system is increasing. The hypothesis that human sperm count is declining whereas the incidence of testicular cancer, cryptorchidism (undescended testis) and hypospadias (abnormally placed urethral opening at the underside of the penis) is increasing and that these changes are associated with human exposure to hormonally active chemicals.

…, this hypothetical syndrome has been named the “Testicular dysgenesis syndrome” (TDS). It postulates that, in Western industrialised countries

  • human male fertility, in particular sperm count, has declined and continues to decline,
  • the incidence of human testicular cancer is increasing,
  • the incidence of cryptorchidism
  • and hypospadias in newborn male infants has increased.

An additional hypothesis is that the increased incidence in the TDS may be due to chemical EDC in the human environment.”



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