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DES Adverts
DES Adverts from around the world.

DES Australia
DES Action Australia-NSW was established in 1995 by Carol Devine, DES daughter, DES activist, founder and coordinator of the Sydney based group.

DES Books
DES Books covers and summary.

DES Info Blog
DES Info is not an official organization or group. It was created by several DES Daughters as a way to proactively share information about DES.

DES Drugs
Di-Ethythil Stilbestrol DES was sold under many brand names including Distilbène®, Stilboestrol-Borne®, Stilbetin®, Benzestrol®, Chlorotrianisene®, Estrobene® and Estrosyn® to name just a few.

DES Events
Symposiums, colloques, seminars and other DES events from around the world.

DES France
The support group Réseau DES France was established in 1994. They’ve achieved many results and successes such a the right to longer maternity leave for DES pregnancies.

DES Media
DES media news. Press cuttings from around the world.

DES Research
DES (psychological) side effects – Research.

DES Action USA is a non-profit organization whose mission is to identify, educate, provide support to, and advocate for DES-exposed individuals as well as educate health care professionals.