Twitter DES Diethylstilbestrol’s Awareness Profiles


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About cancer, Distilbène, EDCs, pharma, pregnancy prescription drugs.  for health news and DiEthylStilbestrol transgenerational side effects.

Carol Devine: @DESAustraliaNSW
DES Action Australia-NSW is a support and advocacy group for those who know or suspect exposure to the anti-miscarriage drug DES (diethylstilboestrol).

DES Action USA: @DESActionUSA
Non-profit consumer org informing the public about anti miscarriage drug diethylstilbestrol and providing health information for DES-exposed individuals.

DES Centrum NL: @DESCentrum
Wij behartigen de belangen van alle generaties die zijn blootgesteld aan DES, ofwel diethylstilbestrol. Wij zijn hét kenniscentrum op het gebied van DES.

DES Info: @DESInfo411
The DES tragedy of in-utero exposure and its devastating effects on multiple generations must not be forgotten.

WONDER DRUG is a scientific drama about DES, the world’s first drug disaster. Now in development.

Caitlin McCarthy: @CaitlinMcWriter
Official Twitter page for award-winning screenwriter Caitlin McCarthy. ‘Do or do not. There is no try.’ – Yoda.

Karen Fernandes: @KMFDallas
Karen Fernandes is an RN and president of AYR Consulting Group. She is a DES Daughter and an advocate for the DES Exposed.