Diethylstilbestrol DES Studies

Each topic below has its own (extensive) list of studies (ordered by date) about the DES legacy ; such as DES and cancer risk, epigenetics, fertility, gender identity, healthcare, pregnancy, psychological health, screening, transgenerational effects and more…


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Further works in “the pipeline” :

  • DES and CANCER risk (more types)
    • DES and cervical cancer
    • DES and clear cell adenocarcinoma
    • DES and vaginal cancer
  • Other health OUTCOMES
    • DES and menopause
    • Various DES studies
  • DES exposure (guides and summaries)
  • DES follow-up
    • DES and healthcare
    • DES screening recommendations

12 Replies to “Diethylstilbestrol DES Studies”

  1. I was exposed in uterus to DES. My daughter was diagnosed with Adrenal Adenocarcinoma. Since her death I have learned that the adrenal glands are formed at same time as the ovaries in in utero during pregnancy. She was also exposed to approximately 16 yes to Yaz. I would like to receive research study on relationship between DES and the adrenal glands. She also had depression and her menarche started at age 8.

    Thank you .

  2. I was prescribed the two pills to see if I was pregnant or not, this was my first pregnancy and had no history of problems. I subsequently had 3 boys. and 1 miscarriage 4 years after the first pregnancy, but miscarried at 14 weeks with no reason.
    In 2007 when I was 63 I developed breast cancer, being very estrogen positive. I was treated with surgery and radiotherapy and hormone pills for 5 years (arimidex). I now have thyroid disease and diabetes and osteoporosis. My sons appear well. I did not take hrt as I had a dread of it, took the birth pill for 2 years but that brought me out with blotches on my legs(erithey modism and had to come off it. I am thankful I did not go on hrt as I am sure the breast cancer would have developed earlier, I did tell the breast clinic about my experience of the two pills.

    1. Sorry to hear about all the issues you are going through, Janet.
      We hope the DES studies we republish can be of help to the DES-exposed, and we’ll try to stick to a daily study published via the blog.
      Best wishes,

  3. Des and the brain…I’m still not convinced the colloid cyst in my brain was NOT caused by des , or the CVID…they both occurred in the same time as my mom was given the meds…but no doctor is even willing to touch the subject :-(

  4. Hi, I am a DES daughter. I have older sisters and a younger brother. My mother was given diethylstilbestol when she was pregnant with me. She now has terminal uterine Sirous cancer. I was diagnosed with double positive (very high) x 3 grade 3 tumours in my right breast in August 2016. I am not braca. I am struggling to find anyone to look into this for me and am concerned this may not be in my mums medical records for reference in the future. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Best Wishes, Anna

  5. Im a DES daughter, at 14 years old I had ovarian cancer, 17 years old I had the rare clear cell cancer,also pre cancer thyroid cancer. I have had radiation which has caused many problems. 2011 I had lymphoma and more radiation. DES is the cause of all my pain and suffering. I have written a book of my life and hope to share my book with other DES Sons and Daughters. How do I share this book?
    Thank you

    1. Sorry to hear all what you went trough Sue. Is you book published or sold via a website, webpage ? Where can we find it ? We have listed books talking about DES here and here.

  6. I am a 67 year old DES daughter. I’m now convinced that most of my life can be explained by DES medical problems i inude patrial infertility, Interstitial Cystitis, pelvic floor disorder, ADHD symptoms, collapsed immune system, severe PMS, over-active libido, endometriosis, cysts on the inside and outside of my body, in particular my breasts, face, and ovaries. Legally blind without glasses. (No family history of any of the above.

    My son has gender bending issues, and severe anxiety disorder. He also is obese. Again, no family history of anything listed. . .

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