DES Action Groups

Established in Australia, France, Ireland, The Netherlands, Belgium and The United States, DES Action groups identify, educate, provide support to, and advocate for DES-exposed individuals as well as educate health care professionals. DES Action groups cooperate with each other, with health professionals, governments, and the media to raise the profile of DES exposure and its consequences, provide accurate information, and ensure drug disasters like DES never happen again. DES Action groups are registered as non-profit non-government organisations. Diethylstilbestrol “Journal of a DES Daughter” doesn’t claim to provide accurate medical, scientific, or professional information about DES. As the Web blog title suggests, it is just my personal journal and the result of my findings about diethylstilbestrol. It is about my personal DES journey. Should you need professional advice and support please contact your local DES Action group. They will be able to assist you like they assisted me when I most needed it. They are run by passionate DES victims brave and strong enough to take their personal battle against the consequences of this drug to the next level by helping others. I have been working for a UK charity since I’ve moved to England in 2010, so I know too well how passionate and dedicated you have to be to achieve the goals and mission of a non-profit organisation.

DES Action groups in EUROPE:

DES Action France logoRéseau D.E.S France
Centre administratif
1052 rue de la Ferme de Carboué
Phone: 05-58755004 –

DES Action Ireland logoDES Action Ireland
Carmichael House
North Brunswick St.
Phone: 01-6762873
DES Action Netherlands logoDES Centrum (The Netherlands)
Wilhilminapark 25
3581 NE Utrecht
The Netherlands
Phone: 030-2518160
image of des-in-belgiumDES in Belgium

DES Action groups in the U.S.A.:

DES Action USA logoDES Action USA
P.O. Box 7296
Jupiter, FL 33468
Phone: 1-800-337-9288

DES Action groups in Australia:

DES Action Australia, Inc.
PO Box 282
Camberwell 3124 Victoria

DES Action Australia-NSW
14 Edmundson Close
Thornleigh, NSW 2120


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