Postcoital Contraception with DES, 1974

The Population Planning Department School of Public Health University of Michigan


This paper represents an updating of a study done at the University of Michigan Health Service from the fall of 1967 through April, 1971.

Of the 1410 women of child bearing age who received the morning-after pill, diethylstilbestrol, 1298 have received follow-up, or a total of 92.1%.

Of the 1217 patients who met the criteria of having had one unprotected or inadequately protected sexual exposure since the last normal menstrual period, who came in for therapy within 72 hours of the fact, and completed the course of 25 mg of DES twice daily for five days, there were no pregnancies, or 100% effectiveness.

One would have to conclude, with a follow-up of 90%+ that this therapy is highly efficacious.



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