Association of DES use with increased B‐cell NHL risk

Pregnancy‐related factors and risk of B‐cell non‐Hodgkin lymphoma among women in Los Angeles

2018 Paper Abstracts

… “Pregnancy‐related factors evaluated included pregnancy history [ever (full‐term) pregnant, number of full‐term pregnancies], breast‐feeding (ever breast‐fed, duration, number of children breast‐fed), nausea during pregnancy that required treatment or hospitalization, diethylstilbestrol (DES) use during pregnancy and lactation suppressant use after full‐term pregnancy.” …

… “However, women who used DES during a pregnancy had two‐fold greater risk of B‐cell NHL overall than ever pregnant women who never used DES (OR = 2·37, 95% CI = 1·03–5·44). Notably, use of DES during pregnancy was associated with five‐fold greater risk of MZL (OR = 5·54, 95% CI = 1·76–17·45). This association is of potential interest as DES is known to alter immune function and is considered an oestrogenic endocrine disruptor.” …

… “In conclusion, our results provide evidence that increased parity, early age at first full‐term pregnancy, and breast‐feeding are associated with decreased risks of B‐cell NHL. These associations are also observed with breast cancer, and warrant further investigation to uncover whether similar anti‐carcinogenic mechanisms or specific hormone‐related immune alterations are responsible. Our report is the first suggesting the association of DES use with increased B‐cell NHL risk, particularly MZL, and warrants further investigation in collaborative efforts. Although no DES longer in use, should the association be replicated, it could provide important clues towards pinpointing biological mechanisms important for lymphomagenesis.” …


  • Pregnancy‐related factors and risk of B‐cell non‐Hodgkin lymphoma among women in Los Angeles, Wiley Online Library, 29 November 2018.
  • Featured image credit lymphoma-action.

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