Guidelines for Examination in DES Sons, 1981

Screening of Adolescents Exposed to DES in Utero, 1981


… The following genitourinary entities have been reported to occur with increased frequency in men exposed to DES in utero: epididymal cysts, testicular hypoplasia, cryptorchidism, capsular induration of the testis, decreased penile length, hypospadias, urethral stenosis, varicoceles, and abnormal semen (decreased sperm density, decreased sperm mobility, and abnormal sperm morphology).

A careful physical examination of the male genitalia and accessory sexual organs in both the recumbent and standing positions will reveal the presence or absence of structural abnormalities in all but …

continue reading on sciencedirect, Pediatric Clinics of North America, Volume 28, Issue 2, Pages 379-388, May 1981.


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