Genital-tract cancers in adolescents and young adults

Stilbesterol exposure possibly linked to cancers of the testis in the 20+ year old

1972 Study Abstract

In a review of the California Tumor Registry from 1950-1969, which records 1/3 of all cancer cases in California,

  • there was an increase in the number of cancers of the vagina, corpus uteri, prostate, testis, and bladder (male) for the 10-19 year old age groupThere was no increase in cancers of the vulva, ovary, cervix, breast, stomach, colon, rectum, and bladder (female).
  • However, for the 20-24 year old age group, cancer of the vulva and testis increased from 1962-1969.

The increases are compatible with other observations which indicate a possible association between stilbesterol and other cervical sites besides the vagina. There is a need for cancer surveillance to determine disease patterns and stimulate examination of existing data.



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