DES impacts on gene expressions in the gubernaculums testis

DES may affect the proliferation and contraction of gubernaculum testis cells, 2017

Study Abstract

To investigate the influence of diethylstilbestrol (DES)

  • on the mRNA expressions of
    • the androgen receptor (AR),
    • estrogen receptor α (ERα),
  • proliferating
    • cell nuclear antigen (PCNA),
    • and actin alpha 1 (ACTα1)

in the gubernaculums testis of newborn mice and explore their action mechanisms.

A total of 140 male Kunming mice were randomly divided into a blank control, a dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO) control, and 5 experimental groups to be treated subcutaneously with normal saline, DMSO, and DES at 0.02, 0.1, 0.5, 10 and 50 μg per kg of the body weight per day, respectively, at gestation days 9-17. On the first day after birth, the animals were sacrificed and the gubernaculums testis collected for detection of the mRNA expressions of AR, ERα, PCNA and ACTα1 by RT-PCR.

Compared with the DMSO control, the experimental groups, particularly the DES 10 and 50 μg groups, showed significant increases in the mRNA expression of ERα (RE2 = 0.825, P <0.05), but remarkable decreases in those of AR, PCNA and ACTα1 (RA2 = 0.713, RP2 = 0.946, RT2 = 0.960, P <0.01), all in a dose-dependent manner.

The AR, ERα, PCNA, and ACTα1 mRNA are expressed in the gubernaculum testis of normal newborn mice, and their expression levels may be influenced by intervention with different concentrations of DES during the gestation. Exogenous estrogens may affect the proliferation and contraction of gubernaculum testis cells and consequently the normal development of the testis or even the whole male reproductive system by influencing the metabolism of ER and/or AR.


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  • Featured image researchgate.

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