Environmental Estrogens Linked to Reproductive Abnormalities, Cancer

DES as a model, 1994


… Endocrinologists regard the effects of DES on human offspring as a model for the problems that other estrogen mimics might cause in humans. … … Loved A. Jones, director of experimental gynecology and endocrinology at the University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, tells C&EN,

“we are jut starting to begin to realize the additional problems the offspring of the women who took DES face.”

The incidence of abnormalities in the reproductive tracts of the daughters and sons of DES-treated women is much greater than the incidence of cancer.

  • The female offspring have high rates of T-shaped uteri and of other structural abnormalities in the reproductive tract that tend to make them sterile.
  • The male offspring show increased incidence of abnormalities in the scrotum, increased incidence of undescended testicles and malformed urethras, and decreased sperm counts, and they also may have an increased risk of testicular cancer and prostate problems.


  • Read Bette Hileman‘s full paper Environmental Estrogens Linked to Reproductive Abnormalities, Cancer on infohouse, JANUARY 31,1994.
  • Estrogenic chemicals eh%it a variety of molecular structures, featured image credit Bette Hileman, C&EN.

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