Diethylstilbestrol: this is Not the End of the Story Yet!

Diethylstilbestrol has put the mothers prescribed the drug, their daughters and sons exposed in utero, and potentially their grand-children at risk for serious health problems including but not limited to structural damages in reproductive organs, high risk pregnancies and miscarriage, vaginal cancer, infertility and possible immune system impairment.

Effects on the third generation – DES grandchildren – are as yet unknown since the full effects of diethylstilbestrol may not be seen until an exposed child reaches the age of reproduction.

The youngest DES daughters should reach the age of menopause by 2040 at the latest so unfortunately we have to remain vigilant for quite a while. The diethylstilbestrol issue will not be finished until these three generations of DES-exposed mothers, daughters, DES sons and grand-children are gone. Diethylstilbestrol has affected and continues to affect, in many different ways, millions of people. My DES daughter journey started with a miscarriage prior to a DES pregnancy and now continues with constant fear for my daughters, my mum and my own health like many, many, many other DES daughters less lucky that I have been so far. Diethylstilbestrol is a world drug disaster yet very few people know about it and about its tragic multi-generational consequences.