DiEthylStilbestrol DES Website New Design

With 2016 approaching, we thought it was time to be back publishing posts as well as time for few changes…

image of a DES-tragedy sky
The “Evening rays” awesome graphic is by Douglas M. Paine, some rights reserved.

You’ve been exposed to DES,
so what?

Fist, the header image. There are hundred of studies which prove that DES has an endless list of side-effects. Some posts such as My DES Daughter Journey – Doctors (03.2011), Wanted: DES Aware Doctors (04.2011) and A focus group study of DES daughters: implications for health care providers (2000 study) mentioned the DES-victims distrust of the medical profession. So, we wanted a header reminding the severity of the DES tragedy as well the uncertainty of the future for the DES-affected  generations…

image of DES-responsible-design
WordPress says that theme Twenty Sixteen. will make your homepage look sharp on any device, and impeccable polish in every detail.

Fluid Design
and Responsive Images

Thank you theme Weaver for the years we spent together, from now on, we opted for the WordPress default theme for 2016: Twenty Sixteen.
Here are some of the theme new key features:

Introducing Twenty Sixteen

  • With or without sidebar, your call.
  • Overhang (the column) with a full-size image,wider than or equal to 840px.
  • Use the excerpt section to add a catchy, short post intro showing under your main header / post title.
  • Customize block quotes – put them left, right, where you like them!
  • Display links to your social media profiles with perfectly sized icons in the footer with a custom menu.
  • Add a call to action under your posts and pages, with 1 or 2 widgets displaying below your content.
  • For more information, visit the WordPress theme page and  demo version.

I can’t wait to get your opinion

Please tell me what you think, honestly, the good and bad…

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