Transvaginal Scan demonstrating a T-shaped Uterus

ScanChallenges by MedaPhor.

What’s your diagnosis ?

32 year-old patient presents for an ultrasound scan at an infertility clinic. The patient has a 6 year history of infertility.

Transvaginal scan demonstrating a T-shaped uterine cavity commonly seen with maternal use of Diethylstilbestrol (DES).


Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals Videos

image of EDCs-videos playlist
YouTube embed plugin is a simple and easy to use plugin to create a gallery of your YouTube videos on your WordPress website.

Few years ago we started looking for DES images and videos, as mentioned on this gallery page.

With the years, the videos have been arranged accordingly onto several YouTube playlists.

YouTube embed plugin:
web visitors can browse through pages of media thumbnails and choose from videos that are pulled from an entire YouTube channel or playlist.

Recently we found a WordPress plugin – developper site here – giving the ability to make playlist (and channel) embeds having a gallery layout.

You’ll now be able to watch archived EDCs videos directly on this website.

Here is an example – on this post – with endocrine disrupting chemicals videos.