Male Pseudohermaphrodism

Report of a Case, with Observations on Pathogenesis

“Here is a case report from 1959, of a male baby that was heavily feminized by DES.

The doses used in this instance were quite a bit higher than under the standard “Smith and Smith” regimen, starting with 50mg per day and quickly ramped up until a dose of 200mg per day was reached 8 weeks after conception, where it stayed for the remainder of the pregnancy.”

Hugh Easton.

Captain Norman M. Kaplan, MC, USAF,
Endocrinology Service,
Department of Medicine,
United States Air Force Hospital, 1959.

The pathogenesis of male pseudohermaphrodism has not been definitely elucidated.

Although this anomaly has been induced in the newborn of numerous laboratory animals by the administration of estrogens during pregnancy, no human counterpart of this experimental form of intersexuality has been reported.

The patient described below is a male pseudohermaphrodite whose mother had received large doses of estrogens during the critical period of fetal sexual differentiation.

Although the administration of estrogen to the mother and the occurrence of feminization of the external genitalia in the fetus may have been coincidental, a cause- and-effect relation is suggested. “…

… Continue reading on the New England Journal of Medicine DOI: 10.1056/NEJM195909242611303, September 24, 1959.


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