Intersexuality and gender identity differentiation

People born with physical intersex conditions (often better known as hermaphroditism) remind us that the ordinary or “normal” process of physical sex differentiation is by no means automatic.


Intersexuality and Gender Identity Differentiation, US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health, Annual Review of Sex Research, researchgate, 15 Nov 1999.

Image credit Russel Kwok.

The aim of this article was to review what is known about gender identity differentiation among patients with selected physical intersex conditions.

In particular, this review was focused on physical intersex conditions characterized by at least two common features:

  • the presence of ambiguous genitalia at birth, which might result in initial uncertainty as to the “appropriate” sex and gender assignment
  • and a prenatal hormonal milieu or external genital configuration (and sometimes both) that are atypical in relation to the gender in which the child is reared.

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