DES interception as morning-after pill

New Zealand Medical Journal, 1974 Apr 26


Interception or prevention of implantation by high doses of estrogen given after a single midcycle exposure is recommended as an emergency method.

Therapy should be related to the time of ovulation rather than to the sexual act.

Possible modes of action include retarded endometrial hyperplasia, impairment of progesterone release from the corpus luteum, and enhanced spontaneous tubal and myometrial activity.

Suitable interception doses are 50 mg/day stilbestrol for 5 days or 5 mg/days ethinyl estradiol for 5 days.

80 cases treated with 50 mg stilbestrol are reviewed. Nausea was a common complaint %50%). 1 ectopic pregnancy occurred.


  • Oestrogen interception: the morning-after pill, New Zealand Medical Journal, popline, 1974 Apr 26.
  • Image credit engadget.

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