Gender Identity, Sexual Orientation, and Sexual Diversity of DES Sons

January 2002 Poll of DES Sons Network Members

The following question was posted as a “poll” for network members on December 22, 2001 and respondents were allowed until January 13, 2002 to respond:

If you were talking with your closest friend who likes you “just as you are,” what term would you use to represent how you define yourself at the present time? (choose one)

The responses were as follows:

January 2002 Poll of DES Sons Network Members.

* TOTAL: 63 Individual Responses from 102 network subscribers. Response rate approximately 65-70% based on an estimated 90-95 active list participants receiving the survey in January 2002; estimated 10 additional members received survey but were not accessing their computers during the survey period of December 22, 2001 and January 13, 2002.


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