Thousands of people believe DES is the reason they are transgender

“… we could not talk about this because it was too scary …”

Video published on 24 May 2016 by DES Daugther Network channel via Dion Lim 24 May 2016 weeknight anchor/reporter at WTSP/CBS.

It was a pill meant to prevent miscarriages

Can a drug manipulate gender identity, cause people to be trans, asks Dion Lim?

Well, we know many DES sons who can confirm that yes, it did happen.

  • Many thanks to Dion Lim for what she quotes as “hundreds of people reached out to share their story of how DES affected their lives“…

12 Replies to “Thousands of people believe DES is the reason they are transgender”

  1. I am a example of this. Was born at 24 weeks and mother took DES to prevent prematurity but
    as we know it didn’t work. I was left ASD, ADHD, LEARNING DISABILITIES, CEREBRAL PALSY,
    GID among other conditions. I finally got my transition completed in 2017! It’s finally done.

    I knew at a very young age my brain was not wired correctly as mentally I was configured as a
    female. Early on I obsessed about putting a rubber band on my gonads to block the effects of
    testosterone. I also took my mother’s birth control pills. Needless to say it didn’t work. I read my
    father’s magazines not for erotica but rather to see what I was missing

    In school, was distracted with my LD,ADHD..etc so my GID took a back seat to my daily life
    struggles. In high school I was prescribed valium for my adhd by board certified psychiatrist for my
    severe adhd. That sure helped my high school experience along with autism.

    Yes I do believe that DES contributed to my GID and I had so many issues happening in my
    early life I will never know if I started on hormones prior to maturing into a physical male.

    The word needs to get out that this was not a choice but rather your development was based on
    things outside of our control. Stop the transgender bashing PLEASE.

    The end of my current story was I graduated with a BS in computer science/engineering made it from the plant level to the executive level of a global fortune 100 corporation in a mere 12 years.
    I left at 49 yo as my autism took more effort to conceal and was burnt out and had to reboot my brain each evening. I never worked again.

    I thought not bad for a retarded child who was chained to trees, but I accomplished my goal and
    never felt retarded again!

  2. I am post-op transgender woman 67 years old born in 1953 my mother was given the maximum amount of DES since she had had 2 miscarriages before she had me and she was 35 years old. I knew all my life I was female.

  3. From the first time my brain was able to think and reason, I knew I was to be female. born in ’49, mom took DES. Two prior miscarriages
    I have ADD and Lisdexia!!! Made it through college, but never was able to be the person I have wished for every day of my life since age 3.

  4. I can believe that des could make you trans, I recently found out that both grandparents used des and my mother has private area problems caused by it and just this week came across sites saying that there is a link.
    I’m trans and have known since i was around 7

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