My DES Daughter Journey – Interview with June Stoyer


Recorded radio interview by The Organic View, with host, June Stoyer joined by DES Daughter DES Daughter Google+ icon Domino talking about her journey.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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The Organic View Radio Show logo Host June Stoyer interviews the top CEO’s, experts, movers and shakers that affect the organic industry as well as our environment. The Organic View show explores all of the issues impacting the organic industry, proposed regulations, the environment, politics, living green and sustainability.

Read more about my DES Daughter journey : Introduction and Doctors.

7 Replies to “My DES Daughter Journey – Interview with June Stoyer”

  1. A wonderful interview with an important message that deserves widespread attention. The interview is well worth the time to listen.
    Wayne Hurlbert

  2. By now I’m quite familiar with the tragedy of DES and the mission Dom has undertaken to spread the knowledge and inform people of this ongoing problem.
    The least we can do at this point is to help her get the word out to as many of our contacts as possible in all our networks!
    Thanks for your continued efforts!
    Charles Slang

  3. Good work Domino, I’m impressed! I’d just like to say thank you for all the hard work you’ve put in to raise public awareness of the harm DES has done and continues to do to those who were exposed to it. If only we could persuade more of the DES sons to add their voices to yours….
    Hugh Easton

  4. In Australia noone I no has any idea about DES.My mum only found out on 60 minutes however the surgery that took over from our family Dr told mum she had ‘vitamin injections’ every single month during the gestatioin of mums pregnancy with me to stop mum going into early labour and miscarriage! My life has been a night mare with unbelievable amounts of health issues, from my baby twin boys one miscarriage and one still born. Then my son being boirn with hydrocephalic and developmental delay. I have chronic immune dysorders auto immune diseases skeletal issies neuropathic to mention just some and at the moment waiting for results from a MRI to see if i mhave MS, like my older sister.
    My 25 year old daughter is showing problems that the Drs cant work out.This is THE DRUG THAT KEEPS ON GIVING, how can it be stopped?I dont care about my condition but my beautiful children and grandchildren? And in Australia no-one will take resposiblity.thankyou

    1. Thank you very much for sharing your tragic story with us Cathy-Anne. We don’t have an answer to your deep questions, but we’ll keep sharing awareness onto the web.

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